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5 Things to Consider While Planning a Long Distance Move

5 Things to Consider While Planning a Long Distance Move

You’ve finally made the decision to complete a long distance move. As you delve into all the responsibilities that come along with this new journey, you will inevitably begin to realize that there is a seemingly endless list of tasks to complete and things to consider prior to moving day. Planning your long distance relocation can feel extremely difficult and daunting, but during this process, it’s important to know the most important aspects to prioritize. Before the big day arrives, there are five crucial details to consider to properly prepare for your relocation. Interested in finding out? Keep reading!

    1. Think about big and small changes

It’s unavoidable — moving will come with a wide array of changes, both big and small. Especially with a long distance move, the changes can be even more apparent. Not only will you be in a new home, but you will be in an entirely new area, whether it’s a faraway city, a different state, or a foreign country. There will be countless changes to your routine as you make adjustments to suit your life in your new home. It’s smart to familiarize yourself with the area through research if you can’t visit ahead of time. Try to find where necessities are in relation to your home, such as school, work, grocery stores, hospitals, pharmacies, and other things.

    1. Have a plan

One of the best things you can do to handle your move in a way that reduces stress is to create a comprehensive plan. Things are bound to get hectic as you prepare to move, so having things planned out can be extremely helpful to keep everything under control. Your plan should include a schedule of sorts so you know exactly what needs to get done and the timeframe it needs to be completed during. You may find it helpful to put it in calendar format. Having a form of a to-do list to refer back to enables you to make sure nothing slips between the cracks as you balance a busy schedule. Additionally, having a budget is ideal, as you can keep your finances in check during your move. Moving can be extremely expensive, so budgeting is a wise choice to limit spending. This also allows you to create room in your budget for any emergencies.

    1. Declutter your space

When preparing for a move, most people would probably tell you that packing is the part they are dreading most. Packing an entire home requires plenty of time and energy, often feeling like an endless process. Completing a thorough declutter of your space is a crucial step to ultimately simplify packing. To properly declutter, you should split your belongings into four different categories: donate, sell, trash, and keep. The more items you’re able to get rid of, the better. Not only will this significantly cut down on packing (and unpacking) time, but it will give you a clean slate in your new home by majorly reducing clutter. You will have more space for the things you actually want and need, rather than holding onto things that no longer get used. If you’re struggling to determine which items you want to eliminate, start with the things you know you don’t need. This may be easiest by sorting through cabinets and closets, where things easily get shoved to the back and forgotten.

    1. Prioritize packing

As mentioned before, packing can take up a lot of time in your moving process as a whole. Be sure to prioritize packing by allowing plenty of time in your schedule to complete the task. Everything you own needs to get packed up carefully to travel a long distance without being damaged, so that means you should give yourself more than enough time to handle the task without needing to rush to finish in time. You should spread the job out over the course of days or even weeks to be sure that you can be careful and organized throughout the entire process. The more neatly you pack up your belongings, the less boxes you’ll require. Plus, it will make unpacking much easier. The best way to tackle packing is to move one room at a time, never putting items from different rooms into the same box. Everything should be neat and organized, as well as having the boxes carefully labeled to make your items easier to find.

Another important aspect of packing is the materials. Make sure to consider what supplies you will need, and prepare yourself properly by getting enough. You will require sturdy boxes, packing tape, permanent markers for labeling, resealable plastic bags for small items, and protective items such as bubble wrap and packing paper. For furniture, you may also require moving blankets to keep them safe and unscuffed while being transported. Everything should be packed with the proper padding, especially fragile items, because the longer distance means there is more of an opportunity for things to sustain damage. Packing should be the primary focus as you get ready to move.

    1. Find a reliable moving company

Handling a move on your own can be extremely overwhelming. Instead of taking on all the responsibilities without any help, consider finding a reliable moving company that can help you with this task. Without the help of professional movers, you will need to either rent a moving truck to drive yourself to your new home or ship items to yourself. With so many other things to do for your move, why handle this aspect on your own? A high quality moving company can transform the overall ease of your move and make everything exponentially easier.

Make your move easier

With these considerations in mind, you can make your move a lot smoother and more manageable. And if you want full-service movers you can trust, rely on Moving Services Inc. When you need a long distance moving company in IL, Moving Services Inc. can meet your needs with confidence and ease. Interested in finding out what we can do for you? Request a quote online, or call today for a free in-home estimate!

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