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7 Packing Tips for Long Distance Moving

7 Packing Tips for Long Distance Moving

Packing for any move can be difficult, stressful, and time-consuming. This aspect of moving typically takes the longest out of all the tasks involved, and it can feel never-ending at times. When packing for a long distance move, the task of packing can seem even more daunting. After all, not only do you need to pack up all your belongings, but you need to make sure they’re properly protected for the long haul, as they’ll be in transportation much longer than they would be during a local move.

You won’t have the advantage of simply driving your boxes over to the next town at your own leisure. Instead, you’ll need to have all your packing completed and ready to go the moment the moving trucks arrive at your house. To prepare, you’ll need to be equipped with the best strategies to pack everything correctly. Interested in finding out the best ways to pack for your upcoming long distance move? Keep reading, and discover how you can pack your belongings most effectively.

    • Take your time

Most importantly, you’ll want to make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to pack. Waiting until the last minute will only result in stress at best and damaged items at worst. By being methodical about your packing process, allotting a bit of time each day to get your items packed, you’ll ultimately complete the job much more securely. Plus, being able to work more slowly allows you to organize more effectively, which makes a huge difference.

According to some experts, packing a three-bedroom home takes about five full days. Be mindful of the amount of items you need to pack, their size, and how involved it will be to pack them. For instance, if you have lots of electronics that need to be wrapped up carefully or furniture that needs to be taken apart, you’ll want to allot more time to make sure they are properly protected. If you can enlist the help of friends or family, even better – this will allow you to take the care needed to keep your belongings in good condition.

    • Invest in materials

As you pack, you will require a variety of materials to complete the job effectively. Some of the items you’ll want to obtain will include:

      • Sturdy, uniformly sized boxes
      • Packing tape
      • Resealable bags
      • Bubble wrap
      • Packing paper
      • Moving blankets
      • Permanent markers

Depending on the items you’re packing, you may require additional supplies as well. Regardless of what you need, make sure you’re investing in high-quality products that will hold up well in transit. If you’re looking to cut costs by getting free boxes from a store, try to make sure these boxes are all the same size. By doing this, you’ll have an easier time stacking them within a moving truck or mobile storage container, allowing you to fit everything in more compactly. You may also want to acquire a few smaller boxes to hold tiny items, keeping everything sorted nicely. These small boxes can then go inside the larger boxes so everything can stay properly contained during the move.

    • Protect your items

Making sure to take the proper measures to protect your belongings is extra important when you’re in the process of a long distance move. Because everything will be traveling a long way, your items are bound to get jostled around in the process. If they aren’t thoroughly fortified, they could sustain damage during their long journey. To prevent this, you’ll want to pack your boxes in a way that minimizes movement as much as possible. Any empty space should be filled with something substantial but cushy. You may want to opt for bubble wrap or packing paper, but you can also repurpose items you already own such as blankets, towels, and thick clothing. Pillows can work great for this as well.

Another protective item to consider are moving blankets. These blankets serve as protection for larger furniture items or appliances that won’t be getting placed inside a box. By wrapping these items in moving blankets, you protect them from dents and scuffs. For mattresses, you can use plastic bags made specifically for mattresses to ensure they don’t get ripped or stained during the move. Taking a little bit of extra time to safeguard your belongings can make a big difference in the long run.

    • Create a sorting system

Although this step frequently falls by the wayside when people are in a rush to pack, being intentional about your packing is important so you can create an effective organizational system. Starting with the basics, all of your boxes should be properly labeled in clear, large letters on numerous sides. Make sure to write the room the box correlates with, as well as the major items or categories of items contained inside. If you’d prefer, you can opt to color code your boxes by room. In this case, you would simply tape a piece of construction paper or use colored tape to denote which room the box belongs to. Then, when you’re moving everything into your new home, you can simply bring the boxes to the corresponding rooms without much thought.

Another possibility is to create an inventory. This option takes more time, but it does allow you to keep track of all your items in an organized way. In this system, you would give each box a number, and then keep a running list of what’s in each box. This way, you can easily find whatever you’re looking for; plus, you’ll have a running list of everything you’ve packed.

    • Use suitcases

Oftentimes, people forget that suitcases serve as wonderful tools for moving, especially if they are on wheels. Because of their portable nature, heavier items can be stored inside and simply be wheeled where you need them to go. Suitcases work exceptionally well for storing and transporting books, offering a sturdy option for them to stay safe and protected. Their solid structure is perfect for these types of items.

    • Disassemble what you can

If you’re bringing furniture with you to your new residence, be sure to disassemble your items as much as possible to pack them more effectively. Taking these larger items apart allows you to save space and pack everything together more tightly without a big piece of furniture getting in the way. Additionally, it will be much easier to carry these items if they’ve been taken apart, making your furniture less bulky and awkward to hold. Once you take these items apart, properly label all the little pieces you take off, and try to keep all the disassembled pieces near each other so you don’t misplace any parts.

    • Be mindful of weight

One final aspect to consider is the weight of your boxes. As you’re packing, it might be your first instinct to try to fit as much as you can into each and every box. In some instances, such as with clothing, this isn’t so bad – it may not be heavy at all. Unfortunately, this won’t be the case for everything you pack. If filling a box to capacity makes it extremely heavy, you should consider redistributing your items evenly between other boxes. Having every box weigh about the same amount is much better, as nothing will be too difficult to carry, and you won’t run the risk of having stacked boxes crushing each other.

If a box is starting to get heavy but it still has plenty of empty space, stop adding in items and instead fill it with packing paper or a light blanket. This way, you’ll still be preventing your belongings from shifting around, but you won’t be struggling to lift the box or potentially have the bottom of the box break open.

Ready for your long distance move?

By using these seven tips to pack like a pro, you’re set for success in your long distance move. After all, packing may be overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. Seeking a service to help you transport your items after packing them up? Trust Moving Services Inc. to carefully and expertly bring your belongings from point A to point B. With over 40 years of experience and a strong focus on quality customer service, Moving Services Inc. can handle any of your needs with confidence and ease!

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