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Checklist for Moving into a New House

Checklist for Moving into a New House

Moving into a new house can be a wonderful experience, but before you get fully settled there are some important items that need to be tended to. You may be moving out of a rental property into a new home for the first time, and you can start off on the right foot by crossing off each item in this moving into a new house checklist.

Paint the Interior

First in this checklist for moving into a new house is completing any painting you’d like done.  It is much easier to do this with nothing in the way, so try to get it done before the movers come and unload everything. It’s much more convenient without having to move things around multiple times, or worry about paint getting on your precious items. Be sure to store specific paint samples and identification numbers so you know what color to repaint things if you accidentally get a chip in them or need to spackle up a patch in the future.

Deep Clean

If you have a chance before moving in all your furniture and belongings, treat it as an opportunity to conduct a thorough and deep clean. Use the time wisely to dust any hard to reach areas, refinish hardwood floors, and shampoo or replace the carpeting. Moving Services Inc offers storage options if you need a little more time to do this, and we’re ready and waiting when it comes to all your household moving needs.

Set up Utilities

There are many different utilities that you’ll want to have set up in advance before you move in so you can make yourself comfortable. Necessary utilities likely include gas, oil, or propane, water, garbage, electricity, and internet / tv connections. Make sure you take care of these early because some companies schedule weeks in advance.

Change your address

Stop by your local post office, or visit the USPS website to officially change your address and have your mail forwarded to your new home. Also stop by your bank to ensure they’re in the loop.  Make sure any recurring payments, and vehicle and voter registration have been updated with your new information as well.

Service Appliances

If you’re moving into a home that’s new to you, but has been around for a while, it’s a good idea to service appliances and make sure they’re in full working order. Service your HVAC system if you have one because no one wants it failing unexpectedly in the summer. If you’re moving in the winter, make sure your furnace or source of heating is properly tuned.

Also flush your water heater to remove old sediment. This should be completed annually, but it’s often neglected so there may be quite a bit of build up that keeps it from operating to its maximum efficiency. If you have a basement, ensure your sump pump is functioning properly as flooding can prove disastrous during heavy rainfall.

Replace Filters

It’s also a good idea to replace filters wherever they are because you probably won’t know when this was last done. Those in air ducts, the refrigerator for drinking water, and those inside dishwashers are all part of the checklist for moving into a new home.

Ensure Energy Efficiency

Make sure all the windows in your house are sealed properly and open and close smoothly. This is especially important in the winter to prevent ghastly drafts, but it also goes a long way to help energy efficiency throughout the year and cut down on your electric or gas bill. Another way to cut your electric bill is replacing all incandescent bulbs with LED ones, especially halogen ones.

Find the Circuit Breaker

Next, locate the circuit breaker in your home. Each switch controls electricity to certain rooms, and they should be labeled. If not, it’s a good idea to test and label them for your convenience in the future.

If you notice the loss of electricity in a single room after plugging something new in, it probably means you’re using too many outlets at once. To restore power, simply head to the circuit breaker and flip the properly marked switch. It’s likely the only one in the opposite direction of the others.

Safety Items

Locate your gas, electric, and water shutoffs. If you live in colder environments where temperatures frequently dip below 32 degrees, it’s extremely important to take precautions to prevent burst pipes. If you notice reduced water pressure in a time like this, it likely indicates your pipes are freezing and you should immediately turn off the water supply so they don’t burst.

A common reason for household fires is a blocked lint buildup in the vent from a dryer. Make sure these are clear of debris by sweeping and vacuuming them. Also ensure all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly.

Change Locks

Since you can never be sure who has or how many copies of your current keys have been made, it’s always a good idea to change locks when you move into your new home.  This doesn’t take very long and it’s well worth the peace of mind, which is why we’ve included it on this moving house checklist.

Inspect Exterior

On the exterior, make sure all the gutters are cleared of debris so they function properly. While you’re up there, ensure the roof also has nothing laying on top of it. It’s also a good idea to trim branches that may pose hazardous during a storm. Make sure they’re safely away from the house and nearby power or utility lines. Also be sure to check for mold, wood rot, and small entry points rodents and other critters – this is your new home, not theirs.

Start a Maintenance Log

Since you’ve already gone through this checklist, it’s a great idea to start a notebook of all the things you’ve done. This way you can keep track of all the things that were done, and when they were completed. It’s an easy way to consolidate information about your home for later reference, and it can include things like identification numbers for paint samples, parts numbers for appliances, and the dates you last changed filters.

It’s not only a good idea to keep a checklist when you move into a new house, but to keep one going into the future. Home ownership and the maintenance tasks associated with it can often seem overwhelming but, keeping all pertinent information and logging what’s been done already makes things much more manageable.

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After completing this checklist, feel free to call it a day and consider your household moving completed! You can rest easy knowing your hard work has gone a long way in making your new home one of safety and security. We look forward to hearing from you regarding your upcoming move, and feel free to investigate the many moving services we’ve been providing in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana area for over three decades.

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