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Decluttering a Late Loved One’s Home? How to Cope While Cleaning

Decluttering a Late Loved One’s Home? How to Cope While Cleaning

When you lose a loved one, it’s an incredibly tough time and many can have a hard time with the grieving process. Especially if you’ve recently lost a very close family member, it’s important to take the time you need to process this loss and mourn in a way that’s healthiest for you. 


Unfortunately, sometimes the grieving process has to be carried out while you’ve been given other responsibilities in relation to your loss, including having to make funeral arrangements, or cleaning out your late loved one’s home. 


This can make things a little harder to process, as you have to focus less on your feelings and more on getting things done – but it’s possible to do both! If you’re faced with the job of cleaning out or decluttering your loved one’s home, we’ve got some strategies and helpful tips to not only get you through the process, but to allow you to declutter efficiently and grieve in the process. 


Tips to Clean Out a Late Relative’s Home

When tasked with decluttering or cleaning out the home of a loved one, it’s easy to get super overwhelmed and not even know where to start in doing so. Cleaning out an entire house is a huge undertaking after all, no matter how you look at it! The most important thing is to not take on too much at once, and to give yourself breaks if you’re emotional or just need a breather. 


Even if you’re under a time constraint, don’t sacrifice your own mental health to try to get things done faster – it won’t help you or your level of efficiency to do so. 


How to Declutter a Loved One’s Home

To help you build an action plan and stay on track, check out our helpful tips on how to declutter a late loved one’s home. 


  • Locate Important Documents

Before tackling any decluttering, find any important documents that might be in the home (will, identification, insurance policies, etc). and either relocate them to a safe place or bring them to a lawyer if they’re significant. 


  • Take Everything In

After locating important documents, go around the house and survey what you’ll need to declutter, how many boxes or bins you’ll need, and if you need to rent vehicles or hire professional movers to transport things out of the home. 


  • Make a Game Plan

After you’ve gone through your loved one’s home and have figured out how much there is to clean out and what the general state of the home is, you’ll want to make a plan as to how to tackle the actual decluttering process. 


  • Take it Room By Room

The best way to go about decluttering is by taking things room by room, and a little at a time. By keeping this organized and segmented in this way, it’ll make things much more efficient and easier to tackle. 


  • Organize Cleared Out Items

Another great way to keep everything organized is by creating sections for your cleared out items. When clearing out, separate things into ‘keep’, ‘give away’, ‘donate’, ‘sell’ and ‘throw away’ sections you can organize as you go. 


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