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Easy Tips for Unpacking After a Move

Easy Tips for Unpacking After a Move

Unpacking your precious items and arranging them in the most efficient way possible can be an overwhelming process if taken all at once. Thankfully most of the hard work is out of the way and you probably have a chance to approach it in a less frenzied manner.

Still, without a clear idea of where to start, time can be wasted, and small frustrations can add up. Our goal is to make moving as pain-free as possible, so we’ve put together a short guide on how to unpack your belongings after you’ve arrived at your new home.

  • Clean Before Unloading

It’s a great idea to bring some cleaning supplies with you before the movers come and start unloading your items in your home. This is because without anything obstructing the way, you’ll have easy access to hidden corners and other areas that will soon become hard to reach.

While a new home may look clean at first glance, upon closer inspection you may find excess dust from drywall, or even leftover screws and nails that could ultimately hurt you. Older homes are staged to sell, so use the opportunity of a totally clear space to thoroughly sanitize areas that were perhaps neglected, like the areas behind large appliances.

  • Arrange and Unpack Room by Room

Remember to have your boxes labeled, and to be present as your movers are unloading items into your home. This way you can direct them precisely where you’d like each specific item to be, room by room.

If you make sure each box is placed in the correct room, its contents can be unloaded without moving back and forth between them. You can also avoid damaging large pieces of furniture, or even flooring itself by ensuring they’re placed in the correct spot from the very beginning.

  • Begin in Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Everyone needs a good place to rest and clean up after a hard day’s work, so start with sheets, bedding and mattresses. After that, make sure your shower, medicine cabinets, and shelves are furnished with grooming supplies, toiletries, medications, and towels. This way each day of unpacking can begin with a fresh clean start.

  • Furnish the Kitchen

You need a clear area to prepare your meals, so start unpacking the kitchen next. While it’s a good idea to have disposable plates and utensils for a little while, you’ll ultimately feel more at home with your dishes and glasses in place.

Become acquainted with how your new appliances work, stock the refrigerator, and have the coffee maker and other appliances plugged in and ready to go exactly when you need them. With dishes and cleaning supplies in place, you should feel right at home in no time.

  • Put Together your Furniture

Keep a small toolbox and get ready to start assembling your furniture. Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, a power drill, hammer, nails, and screws all come in handy, and they’re common requirements for putting things back together.

Many pieces these days are made from fragile particle board, so don’t get overzealous and risk damaging your precious belongings in the process. Take your time, and if you’re unsure of something, look online for manuals or tutorials on how to do things. If it seems confusing to you, you’re likely not the first to encounter such a situation.

We can’t reiterate this enough – take breaks, and always try to consider the bigger picture. Rushing through things can lead to frustration, and even injury with large items if you’re trying to do it all alone.

  • Save Less Frequented Areas for Last

Attics, basements, and garages should be approached last, when the rest of your essential living areas are more settled. This is because they’re commonly used to store seasonal items, like holiday decorations and power tools that you don’t need everyday. After getting everything else in place, you may also encounter other items you simply need to store until a later date. These spaces can be perfect for that, but only after everything else is unpacked.

  • Make your own Deadline

Procrastination is a common problem when unpacking because it sometimes seems like there’s no priority. While most of the hard work of the move is finished, almost everyone is more comfortable when they aren’t surrounded by boxes that serve as a reminder that things aren’t quite done.

Planning an exciting event or get-together with friends and family is a good way to motivate yourself to finish the job. So, don’t get stuck binge-watching shows on your fancy new TV while there’s still work to be done getting your new home fancy. Electronics usually make sense to be unpacked last anyway, and focusing on arranging décor is best approached when all those cardboard boxes are gone and everything is directly in front of you.

  • Ask for Assistance

There’s no shame in asking for help, and almost everyone has some idea of how stressful moving can be. Professional moving companies like Moving Services Inc. offer packing as well as unpacking services, and you should consider them if they will make your life easier and less stressful. Be sure to ask about them when you get a quote. A little money spent there, or even on pizza for friends and family who are available to help can go a long way in getting you firmly settled.

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