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How to Choose the Most Reliable Local Movers

How to Choose the Most Reliable Local Movers

When you’re getting ready to move, one of the best choices you can make is to invest in a reliable moving company to streamline and simplify the process. Even for a local move, the added help of a dependable moving team can completely transform the experience from stressful to smooth. With this in mind, you may wonder, “How can I trust that I’m hiring a moving company with high quality services?” After all, residential moving solutions are not all created equally, and some companies fall short when it comes to the caliber of their moving and storage services. If you’re looking to figure out the best ways to assess these services, don’t stress — we’ve got you covered. Keep reading, and find out how to choose the most reliable local movers for your relocation!

    1. Ask for recommendations

First and foremost, the best way to gather information on potential moving company options in your area is to ask for recommendations. You can gather opinions from friends, family, neighbors — anyone who you trust to provide you with a reliable review of a mover. Especially if any of these people have recently moved, you can receive a recent account of what their movers were like and what kind of service they provided during the relocation. Similarly, you can also use this step as a way to find out which companies aren’t up to the highest standards. Knowing who to trust and who to avoid is extremely helpful, allowing you to rule out some companies before you even delve into things further.

    1. Investigate the credibility

Once you have a shortlist of companies to look into, you can begin looking into each one further to make sure they have the proper credibility you’re looking for. Even if someone you trust has already vouched for a moving service, it’s still important to continue looking into their credentials, as well as other opinions, to ensure you can depend on them to uphold certain standards. First, you should check that they are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. This is an excellent way to determine a company’s quality. It is even better if they have been accredited by the BBB. Next, any company that provides services for interstate moves should be registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation, so be sure to check for this.

Additionally, another great way to find out more about a company is to check out their reviews. Although many businesses include reviews on their websites, you can’t be certain that they aren’t filtering them out to only show the positive ones, so investigating on a third party website is ideal. One or two negative reviews out of a majority of positive ones isn’t necessarily a warning sign, but once you notice a common trend of issues among customers, be cautious about moving forward with that particular company. Having this knowledge about which services you can trust is incredibly valuable during this process.

    1. Request estimates

After discerning which companies appear to be reputable and well-regarded, you can reach out and request quotes. Ideally, you should request estimates from three to four companies so you can make sure you’re receiving a fair rate. Most importantly, when you contact movers about the price estimate, they should always schedule an in-home visit so they can provide the most accurate number possible. If a company fails to do this, you can know immediately that they may not be the most reliable option for you. Having a professional assess the situation at your home allows them to determine any number of factors that may need to be calculated into your final total. Always make sure the company provides this quote in writing, as this will allow you to avoid any discrepancies.

Although it’s crucial to use these estimates to acquire as affordable a price as possible, you may be surprised about the next piece of advice… Don’t take too low of a price. Sure, getting a fair price is a great perk of this entire process, but when a company provides you with an offer that is significantly less than the others, it may be a red flag. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a moving company that requests a large deposit up front is also typically unreliable. Make sure you remain vigilant in assessing any potential warning signs as you receive your price estimates.

    1. Look for red flags

You know to look for red flags as you shop around for a dependable moving company to assist with your relocation. After all, you want to make sure you’re creating an easier job for yourself, not further complicating it. So what should you look out for? What signs are deal breakers as you look to hire a company? Aside from what was mentioned above, here are a few major warning signs to be on the lookout for while you wrap up your search.

      • Only offers non-binding estimates: Although it may seem like your estimate will be accurate, ill-intended moving companies can take advantage of customers using non-binding offers, which don’t require them to commit to a cost based on the actual weight of your items. A mover could offer you a lower price purposefully so you will sign the contract with them, but then they will increase the price significantly in the end. To avoid this, opt for a binding or binding not-to-exceed estimate.
      • Poor communication: If you’re having trouble pinning down your moving company with any questions or concerns, you can make a safe bet that they probably aren’t very reliable or professional. You will be trusting these individuals with all of your belongings, and if you can’t get in contact with them to voice your questions and concerns, this is already a bad sign.
      • No physical address: A reputable moving company will have a physical location where they house their moving trucks and other supplies. When movers can’t provide this information, it often means something is amiss.

These things, among others, can tip off to you that a company isn’t worth the trouble. If you’re getting a weird feeling about any behaviors from your movers, follow your instincts, and opt for a company you feel more comfortable with.

    1. Evaluate the options

Now that you’re aware of the best steps to follow, the important things to note, and the warning signs to steer clear of, you have all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision regarding the moving company you will choose. These steps are a critical part of your decision, and with them in mind, you can simplify the process greatly. After signing a contract with the company you choose, you’re well on your way to a stress-free move!

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