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How to Deal with Winter Weather During a Move

How to Deal with Winter Weather During a Move

You’re getting ready for a move, but for any number of circumstances, your relocation just so happens to fall in the winter months. As you prepare for the big day, you might be wondering, “Why did I choose to move when it’s so cold?” However, the reality is that there is no perfect time of year to move, and there is no way to flawlessly plan everything. In fact, despite some of the difficulties involved when you’re dealing with winter weather, you may just receive a lower rate from your moving company for moving during the off-season. Whatever the case may be, you don’t need to dread your winter relocation. With the right preparation taken care of and the proper know-how about what to do and what to expect, you can surely tackle this move with confidence and ease. Want to learn how? Keep reading for our surefire tips for dealing with winter weather during a move!

    1. Plan, plan, and plan some more

First and foremost, remember that there’s no such thing as being overly planned in this situation. Preparing for any move takes careful consideration, and during your winter move, this will be especially true. If you want to eliminate as many stressors as possible, we recommend planning everything out. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you have your movers booked as early as possible and potentially have a back-up plan for any extreme inclement weather conditions. Next, although you won’t be able to be certain about this aspect until right before moving day, you’ll want to keep your eye on the weather forecast and ensure you have all the potential items ready in case you need them (we’ll touch on the specifics about these items a bit more later on). Aside from these items, you should plan for this move just like any other — by effectively creating a schedule, a to-do list, and a budget, as these are the most thorough way to get all your ducks in a row ahead of moving day.

    1. Take care of utilities ahead of time

Although you would do this for any move regardless of season or weather, this aspect is especially important in the frigid winter months. Well in advance of your relocation, you should reach out to your current utility providers, as well as the providers at your new home. You should set up an appointment for the termination and activation of your old and new services respectively. About a week ahead of your move, you should reach out again for confirmation to ensure everything is properly scheduled. This is a significant aspect to take care of, as it would negatively affect the moving process if you arrived at your new home without your heating in service. Be sure to take care of this in advance so you don’t run into any hiccups along the way.

    1. Add extra padding when you pack

During the winter months, items are more prone to breaking. Why? Many materials become more brittle as the temperature drops, and these frozen items can easily crack or shatter if not handled carefully during your move. Items made out of plastic or glass are especially prone to cracking when their temperature becomes colder, meaning they need some extra protection as you prepare them for your move. Ahead of packing, be sure to obtain the necessary supplies to provide more padding for your items. You will want to get things such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and moving blankets for your more fragile items. You can also use blankets, thick articles of clothing, or towels as an alternative option to give your belongings the proper padding they need during this process.

    1. Clear your walkways and entrances

If you’re dealing with snow or ice on the day of your move, you might feel like the whole plan has gone up in flames. Not to worry, though — you can work around these issues. If at all possible, clear away as much of the ice or snow as you can. Snow is a bit easier because you can simply shovel it away, but it isn’t a lost cause if you need to clear ice. Prepare yourself with bags of salt, and apply to your walkways generously. These tactics will prevent any slips as you and your movers walk in and out of the house on moving day.

    1. Prepare your floors

If there’s snow, ice, or slush on the ground outside on moving day, you’re bound to track plenty of moisture inside as you go in and out of the house with boxes. Using a tarp of some sort or putting down towels or absorbent mats by the entrance of your home is a great way to prevent the floors from getting dirty or damaged from all the foot traffic. Especially since you’ll be so busy as you set everything up in your new home, the last thing you want to do is clean wet or muddy floors, so preparing in this way can be extremely helpful.

    1. Take your car to the shop in advance

Taking your car to the mechanic ahead of your move is very important, especially if you’ll be traveling a long distance to your new home. Getting your car tuned up and making sure everything is all up to standards is an effective tactic to prevent any unexpected issues as you travel. Wintertime is notorious for driving conditions that can damage cars quickly or expose any existing issues, so take care of this ahead of moving day.

    1. Have your winter clothes ready

Finally, you’ll want to have your winter clothes ready to go for moving day. Since you’ll be in and out of the house all day long, you should prepare yourself with layers so you can easily take off or add whatever you need as the day goes on. From a heavy jacket with a hood to gloves to a scarf, make sure you’re ready. It may be helpful to use gloves that have some grip on the palms and fingers so carrying boxes and other items is easier without the risk of them slipping from your hands. You should also wear boots or another type of shoe that has soles with substantial grip to avoid slipping in case of ice.

Ready for your winter move?

With these steps in mind, you can confidently tackle your winter move with ease and successfully settle into your new home. As you prepare, are you looking for movers that can help make your winter moving day easier? Moving Services Inc. is the moving company for you! We have served the greater Chicago and northwest Indiana areas for over 40 years, and we are properly equipped to handle these wintry weather conditions. To find out more, request a free quote today, and find out how we can help you!

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