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Making the Best Use of Your Storage Unit

Making the Best Use of Your Storage Unit

For a wide variety of reasons, storage units can provide a simple and convenient solution for those looking for a place to keep any number of items. When you decide to invest in one of these units, whether you opt for a mobile container or a traditional warehouse option, you will find that this can be an extremely helpful choice as you work through whatever purpose you need to fulfill. Whether you’re moving, renovating, staging a home, or anything else, you will want to make the best possible use of the space within your storage unit. How can you do this? What’s the best way to make sure your container is filled properly? If you’re looking for the optimal strategies to pack your storage unit effectively, keep reading, and discover exactly how to organize and fill your container for the best possible results.

    1. Get the right supplies

First and foremost, you will need the proper supplies to fill your storage container with your belongings. If you’re using cardboard boxes, you’ll want to make sure they are high quality with the proper sturdiness needed to support the items inside. Ideally, you wouldn’t want to have too many different sizes of boxes — no more than two varieties. This will make it much easier to successfully stack your boxes and consolidate the items in your unit as much as possible. Alternatively, using clear plastic containers is a great choice in order to more easily see what’s inside of each bin. Although this can be a more expensive investment than the simple cardboard boxes, it may be a worthy use of your funds due to the increased convenience.

    1. Label everything

One of the best things you can do as you work through your storage unit is to label everything clearly and consistently. When you’re working with a storage container, it’s important to make sure everything is easy to find without needing to search excessively and rearrange your items. Instead, always make sure to label your containers with large, bold letters so you can easily see what the boxes contain. Try to be specific about the contents, rather than just writing general categories. This will make it much easier to find what you need when it’s time to unpack.

    1. Keep an inventory

In addition to labeling, it can be very beneficial to go the extra mile and create an inventory of all your packed belongings. This is an even better approach, as it allows you to know exactly where everything is placed without the struggle of searching through your items. To create an inventory list, you should assign a number to each of your boxes. Then, keep a running list of items that correspond to each number. Although this may seem tedious, it’s very helpful to keep everything organized efficiently. This is a great strategy if you have a lot of items packed in your container, especially if you have smaller items that are easy to lose track of.

    1. Work vertically

Are you wondering how to maximize the space in your storage unit and increase the capacity within the container? The most impactful way to do this is to remember to work with the entire height of your unit, rather than only working horizontally. This will majorly increase the amount of items you can keep within your unit. Although it’s possible to simply stack your boxes, an even more effective way to go about using the vertical space is to use shelving units. A simple shelving system can easily transform your unit, making it easy to access your boxes while still keeping them stacked neatly for the most functional use. Opting for this set-up will significantly improve the way you’re able to use your storage unit.

    1. Disassemble large furniture

To make the best use of your space, you will want to disassemble your large pieces of furniture so you can avoid any awkward fit in the unit. The pieces of this furniture should be stored upright, keeping everything leaned against the wall vertically to create more floor space within your container. Additionally, don’t forget to put all small pieces such as screws or bolts in resealable bags that are properly labeled. This will be critical for reassembling your furniture when you arrive at your new home or need to put things back together. Keeping everything as organized as possible during this process is the key. For your furniture items, use moving blankets to protect the dismantled pieces from any scratches while in storage.

    1. Strategize your placement

Throughout this entire process, it is critical to strategize how you place your boxes and other items to ensure you successfully organize your unit to the best of your abilities. You should start by planning where your items will be placed within your unit. If you have items you’ll need to access regularly, they should go toward the front, while your less used items can be placed in the back or higher up on your shelves. If you’re stacking your boxes rather than using shelves, it’s crucial to place the heaviest items at the bottom, while the lighter ones should be placed at the top. This prevents anything from getting crushed, especially since the boxes could easily collapse if the weight isn’t properly distributed. If possible, planning this out ahead of time will greatly benefit you as you move your boxes into the storage unit.

Maximize your storage space!

With the right tactics in your toolkit, you can transform your storage unit to significantly increase the space available to you and make the space feel much more manageable. The average storage unit can easily be enhanced with these steps! Seeking a reliable storage company to provide you with a high-quality storage unit for all of your storage needs? Look no further than Moving Services Inc. Our dependable professionals can guide you through every step of the way as we provide you with the most trustworthy storage options in the Chicagoland area. Request a free quote today, and find out just how much we can do for you at an affordable rate!

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