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Moving from Chicago to LA? Best Neighborhoods for Chicagoans

Moving from Chicago to LA? Best Neighborhoods for Chicagoans

As we reach just past the midway point in the dreaded Chicago winter, those who might be a little sick of the winter weather and snow might be looking for options to move to warmer or sunnier climates. 


If you’re looking for a warmer change from our tough winter weather, we get it! As Chicagoans ourselves, we know that the winter isn’t for everyone – even if you’re from here! Some who want to move to a different climate but want to retain that big city lifestyle Chicago brings to the table might be looking at Los Angeles as a change of scenery and climate – but not so much of lifestyle. 


Alternatively, if you’re looking to stay in Chicago for most of the seasons, but can afford a second home in Los Angeles to stay in during the winter as a break from the snow, knowing where to start in your home search can be next to impossible. 


Whether you want more of what you’re used to or a complete change of pace from Chicago, there’s an area of Los Angeles that’s just right for you – and where you’ll feel at home (despite the warm temperatures!). 


Best Neighborhoods in LA for Chicago Transplants


West Hollywood

If you’re looking for an area similar to what you’ll find in Boystown or downtown Chicago, West Hollywood could be a good match for you. This area is very walkable, is extremely LGBTQIA+ friendly, and has a ton of amazing restaurants, bars, and a thriving nightlife scene. 


Los Feliz

This area will give you a change of pace from what you’re used to in Chicago. This hillside community is eclectic and outdoors-focused, and with its wide array of hiking and jogging trails, its iconic observatory, as well as the beautiful Griffith Park, you’ll find no shortage of beautiful scenery and things to do. 


Downtown LA

Currently, amid a renaissance, Downtown LA is a hotspot right now for culture, arts, and nightlife. DTLA brings a feeling that’s a little more similar to that of Chicago, as it’s pretty walkable, and is also home to several unique sub-neighborhoods – just like Chicago. 


The area is also home to a bunch of great cultural centers and restaurants that are sure to keep you busy while you’re missing Chicago. 



Koreatown is known around the country for its cultural uniqueness and diversity, plus its old-school, nostalgic feel. This area is also famous for its beautiful area hotspots, amazing food, and around-the-clock nightlife scene. 

Venice Beach

Odds are, when you think of Venice Beach, you think of its beautiful boardwalk, amazing surf spots, and beautiful beaches and spots to go swimming. After all, it’s not called Venice Beach for nothing! This area is beautiful and sun-soaked and features its amazing Venice Beach Historic District, which will bring you crazy waterways, beachside cottages, and amazon food. 


If you’re leaving Chicago this year, we’re of course sad to see you go. It’ll always be your home though, and we can’t blame you for wanting to avoid the cold again. If you’re in the mood for a change of scenery, contact Moving Services 4 U for the most straightforward long-distance move possible. 

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