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Joliet Moving Services

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Joliet Moves with Ease

Moving to or from Joliet, IL? If you’re looking for a reputable and full-service Joliet moving company, Moving Services Inc. has you covered. As a trusted Joliet area full service moving company who has been in operation for over 40 years, our teams know exactly how to make sure your move goes safely and smoothly. 

Community-Oriented and Here for You

As a local Chicago business who is also an agent of Wheaton Worldwide Van Lines, we are able to combine our community oriented, knowledgeable approach to your Joliet move, with the capability to move you not only locally, but long-distance and internationally as well. Our team is dedicated to bringing you a full service, comprehensive moving experience at a fair price. 

Your One-Stop Resource

Over the past 40 years, Moving Services Inc. has continually provided our customers with the most high quality and professional moving experiences possible, no matter the size or scope of their moving. Whether you’re moving to or from Joliet, or to the next town over or to another country, we have the resources and experience to handle your move with efficiency and ease. We also understand that every move is unique, and deserves our complete and undivided attention to ensure that your items are properly care for and reach their destination with no issue of any kind. We strive to provide you with the best moving resources and customer service possible. 

Our Services

Moving Services Inc takes the stress out of moving by providing you with everything you need for a complete moving, in one place. Some of our customizable and tailored services include:

If you’re looking for a full-service, professional, and experienced Joliet moving company, Moving Services Inc. is the company for you. Contact us today at 708-529-9797 or 219-351-7800 to learn more about our Joliet moving services and to schedule a free, in-home estimate.

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