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Why Mokena, IL is a great place to live

Why Mokena, IL is a great place to live

Seeking a new place to live in the Chicago area? Want a home in a town you’ll love? If you’re looking for a suburb in Illinois to relocate to, Mokena might just be the place for you. Located in Will County, Illinois, with a population just over 20,000, Mokena started as a small market center and has now become a staple of suburban living in Chicagoland. It has grown steadily over the course of the past few decades, drawing in more and more residents as time goes on. If you’re curious about moving to Mokena and the positives it offers, keep reading and discover our top five reasons to move here!

    1. Low cost of living

As you consider places to move to, you’ll of course want to make sure that you can live within your budget. Understanding how much you’re able to spend and taking time to create your own personal budget is crucial to the process. Then, you can feel prepared to determine whether an area’s cost of living is suitable for you. A major perk of Mokena is that it has a low cost of living, in some categories more than others. For instance, grocery, health, and utilities costs stack up lower than the national averages. Although the median home cost is higher than the average in the United States, a majority of people in the town own rather than rent, which is a positive sign within the local economy.

    1. Safe place to live

When you move somewhere new, whether you have a family or you’re moving solo, you are likely to consider how safe the town is. Do I have to worry about crime? Can I feel safe and secure in my home? The answer to these questions serve as a huge factor in your living decisions. Luckily, Mokena is an extremely safe place to call home. The rates of total crime, violent crime, and property crime all weigh in lower than the national averages. Violent crime scores 0.8 in 1,000, which is an excellent statistic, allowing you to rest assured that you’re in a secure area. For reference, the national rate is 4.3 in 1,000.

    1. Small, friendly community

Another wonderful aspect of living in Mokena is the community. As previously mentioned, Mokena has a population of just over 20,000. This is considered to be fairly small, and it makes a big difference in the general feeling within a community. In this town, you can count on friendly neighbors and a tight-knit community.

    1. Proximity to Chicago

Understandably, with any town you choose to move to, it’s important that there are options nearby for fun and entertainment. One of the best perks of Mokena is that the town sits just a 45 minute drive away from Chicago. Especially if you’re not willing to move into a big city but still want to enjoy trips to the metropolis, it’s advantageous to be able to get there easily. The close proximity will allow you to enjoy the perks of Chicago whenever you want to, while still being able to live in a quiet, small town. Having the best of both worlds in this way offers a great balance to your lifestyle.

    1. Great for families

Because Mokena has friendly folks and a low crime rate, you can trust that the town is an excellent place to settle down with your family. Mokena is perfect for raising children, and the school system is another great aspect. You will be able to send your kids to school knowing that they’re receiving a good education, which makes all the difference when making a choice of where to relocate your family.

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After learning what Mokena has to offer, what’s holding you back? It’s time to move to Mokena, Illinois, and discover even more of its incredible perks. If you’re seeking a local moving company to help you with your next move, rely on none other than Moving Services Inc. We commit ourselves to offering you the best of the best so you can have a stress-free move. We have serviced Chicagoland for over 40 years, so our experience speaks for itself. Interested in our services? Call today for a free in-home estimate from our experts!

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