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Your 2022 Pre-Move In Checklist

Your 2022 Pre-Move In Checklist

If you’ve just purchased your first home or plan to buy a new home in 2022, it can be super easy to get swept up in the (understandable) excitement you feel in making this huge purchase. However, don’t be in too much of a rush to move in immediately if you don’t have to be. Take your time with the process, and make sure your home is in the condition you’d like it to be in and ready to go before you’re living there. 


Before you start the actual move-in process, figure out what about your home you might want to make improvements upon or change before all of your furniture is in the way. Even if your new house is perfect and already everything you’ve ever wanted, make those small changes, like changing out flooring or painting a room, before all of your stuff is in the way!


So what kind of home improvement projects should you look out for and complete before moving in? Keeping reading for our complete checklist on projects to complete before a move. 

  • Painting

Before moving things in, paint your rooms before you have to worry about covering furniture or finding alternative places to sleep while wet paint air dries. 


  • Ceilings

If the ceilings in your new home are dated or could use a resurfacing job (think popcorn ceilings!), have this job taken care of either by you or a professional before you move in furniture. 

  • Flooring

If you’d like to make flooring updates, or if you’re just not a fan of the carpeting or existing flooring in your new home, you definitely won’t be later on. Take care of that soon rather than later and have some reflooring done before furniture becomes a factor. 


  • Fencing

If you have children or pets that are used to having the freedom that comes with a fenced in yard, make sure you install this at your new home before you move in (if the new place doesn’t already have one!). Also, if there’s damage or gaps in the existing fencing, make sure to get this repaired so it doesn’t become a safety hazard. 


  • Fixing Leaks

Unfortunately, even the tiniest leaks can become big problems later on so make sure to take care of these as soon as possible and make sure to talk to your home inspector before you buy to see if they’re more of an issue than they appear. 


  • Customizing Organizational Areas

Plan ahead before you move in and figure out what will go in which closets, and if you might need some more room for organizational or storage space in your garage or basement areas. 

  • Switch Locks

This is one that’s easily forgotten about or glossed over: have your locks changed on your new place for an added sense of security. 


  • Update Alarms

Before moving in, make sure your smoke, carbon monoxide, or security alarms are current and up to date. Change out batteries or change old alarms out completely just as a safety measure. 

  • Update Filters

A simple fix before moving is to change out the air filters in the HVAC or vents in your home. This will provide you with better air quality and will have your systems working at maximum efficiency when you move in.


  • Childproofing

If you have kids, make sure to take care of childproofing before moving in and they’re already running around. Avoid potential injuries and get this out of the way early!


Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or are looking to buy a home this year (whether as a newbie or an experienced homeowner), buying a new home is very exciting! Before you rush into making the move into your new home, take on some projects that aren’t a big deal when operating within an empty house, but would be more of a pain once you’ve moved in. 


Looking to move into your new home soon? Check out Moving Services Inc. for everything you’ll need to make the process smooth and straightforward. 


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