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Sustainable Moving Tips

Sustainable Moving Tips

Whether you’re moving in a week, or months from now, there are several steps you can take to make your move more sustainable and eco-friendly. From downsizing, to using sustainable packing methods, we’ve put together some ways you can reduce your environmental impact when planning your next move.


Tips on How to Pack Sustainably


The best place to start to move more sustainably is in decluttering, as there’s no sense in spending resources to move things you don’t use in the first place. Start small and work your way up. For example, if you have a few boxes in the garage or basement, start with those. Something to remember is that deciding to declutter and get rid of items you don’t use will save you time and money. Simply start in a single room and see what you’d like to keep and what you’d like to donate, recycle, sell, or trash.


Many local charities, thrift shops, and consignment stores are willing to take your gently used clothing, toys, electronics, and books. Depending on the item, you can even get a lot of money for the things you no longer use. If you’re trying to get rid of a lot of items at once, check out Craigslist’s “Free” section – The benefit of listing on online classifieds is that others are more often than not willing to come to you for pickup, saving the hassle of disposing of large items like furniture by yourself.  


Tips for Making Your Move Environmentally Friendly


After cleaning the house by removing items you no longer use, it’s time to get packing for the big day with sustainability in mind.


Decluttering will reduce the number of boxes necessary, but you’ll still need them, so instead of buying them outright you can help the environment by reaching out to local businesses who are often ready to recycle their cardboard boxes anyway. It’s also a good idea to reach out to friends and relatives, who may have boxes they don’t need anymore.


Packaging paper can be used in lieu of bubble wrap, as can blankets, t-shirts, and other articles of clothing that are on their way to be used in your new home regardless. Each of these methods reduce the volume necessary in the moving truck and reduce waste.


Sustainable moving doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, in fact you can often save or even make money with some of these decisions. Simply being conscious of what you’re doing with a bit of planning minimizes the amount of waste you produce during your move.


The best way to reduce your carbon footprint in the actual process of transportation is choosing a local moving company like Moving Services 4U. This consolidates all moving into one trip, and we’ve done the work in planning the most efficient route and methods from logistics, to loading and unloading.


 We understand that every move is different, therefore, our team members will discuss every detail with you so that we can plan the best route, with sustainability in mind. Contact us today to receive a free quote.


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